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Prayer and Praise

The ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship was founded through prayer.  Prayer keeps the ministry alive and active in Central Oregon today.

Pray for:

  • The Lord to give children the faith to believe as the message of salvation through Christ Jesus is shared each week.
  • Pray that parents would sign up their children for Good News Clubs this school year.
  • That the Lord would be in control of every aspect of this ministry!  These are His children and He knows best how to reach them!
  • God to raise up more volunteers to start new Release Time Classes and After School Clubs.   Our desire is to  have a Good News Club available for every child in every Central Oregon.  To accomplish this we need prayer and willing servants- please share the need.
  • Pray for more church/CEF partnerships.  As we work together for Kingdom purposes we will reach the Central Oregon, ripe for the harvest, mission field!
  • For the school administrators and staff.  That they would understand our desire to work with them sharing the most important thing  children could ever learn – the love of God!
  • For the children and their families.
  • For every CEF volunteer and their families.  They are so very faithful!
  • For the Ponderosa Chapter/CEF committee members!  They are amazing!
  • For Ponderosa CEF staff and our families.  That we would make time to spend with our Lord and have a closer walk with Him!

Praise for:

  • Staff, volunteers and Christian Youth in Action teens who served this summer sharing the hope we have in Jesus Christ  with hundreds throughout Central Oregon!
  • The many faithful volunteers who refuse to “grow weary of doing good” – year after year giving their time, funds and energy to reach children for Christ!
  • For those who faithfully support this ministry with prayer and finances!
  • For  teens desiring to be trained through the Christian Youth In Action program These teens will receive training, return to Ponderosa Chapter sharing the truth of Jesus Christ this summer in 5-Day Clubs and other outreach opportunities.
  • For a loving a faithful Heavenly Father who is our strength, peace and hope!  Who allows us the privilege of serving Him – sharing His love with His precious children!
  • Praise the Lord for the many children who have had the opportunity to hear the Gospel message, all with parental permission.
  • We praise for YOU – for taking the time to read this – trusting you will pray!

Thank you for praying!