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“It felt like the Lord was in the room” was stated from a volunteers husband who attended.  He was in the room!   The Lord’s Spirit is evident in the lives of those who faithfully serve – reaching Central Oregon children with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

TeensSix of eight Ponderosa Chapter Christian Youth in Action teens were present to serve and help clean up.  They also shared why they want to attend CYIA training.  What a blessing to hear their heart to reach the lost.


Brian D.

Brian Davelaar presented Ponderosa Chapter Committee with a copy of the picture on the screen.  Brian and Linda were Ponderosa Chapter missionaries supported in prayer and with Good News Club offerings as they served the Lord in Namibia, South Africa.  Brian shared that over 7000 children were counseled to receive Christ during he and Linda’s 12 years of serving in Namibia.

Tony Villanueva, CEF of Oregon Assistant State Director, entertained with music.  Tony also shared his heart for reaching children throughout Oregon with the hope we have in Christ.

Tony V.