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 Over 950 children, teens and adults heard the wonderful news of the hope we have in Jesus Christ throughout the 2009 summer ministries in Central Oregon, 36 received Jesus as Lord and Savior.

flag-salute It is a joy to be able to share the hope we have in Jesus with children and adults as we minister – sharing the Gospel – at outreach events, Camp Good News and 5-Day Clubs.   At Camp children are encouraged to enjoy being children – special creations of God as well as taught wonderful truths from God’s Word.  They are also encouraged to love and respect God, one another and our country.  What a blessing to hear of two boys who were baptized the week after Camp.   Staff, volunteers and Christian Youth in Action teens poured their lives and Christ’s love into the children we had the privilege to minister to in all the summer ministries.   Our prayer is that every child will remember what they are taught and grow in the knowledge and love of Christ throughout thier lives!